The Power of Sickle Cell: A Metaphysical Perspective

The Power of Sickle Cell: A Metaphysical Perspective 

Have you ever thought about the spiritual nature of sickle cell disease? What if I told you that people with sickle cell disease are more powerful than you think? Consider the imagery of the sickle in nature. The first thing we probably all think of is the moon. 

And there we can start to see the connections. 

The average life span of a blood cell is about 120 days, which is similar to the seasonal changes throughout the year. However, people with sickle cell carry moon energy. The moon has a cycle that lasts 14 days and then repeats, and in people with sickle cell disease, blood cells for about two weeks.

The Sun and Moon as the Masculine and Feminine

Masculine and feminine energies exist in all things in nature. These energies do not necessarily have anything to do with gender or sexuality, but rather the nature of their vibrations. 

So, what vibration or energy does the moon carry in opposition to the sun? 

The sun represents the divine masculine. Masculine energy is about structure and protection; it’s foundational, strong, controlled, logical and focused. Air and fire are considered masculine elements. Masculine energy also represents light. 

The moon represents the divine feminine, the dark force of nature. Feminine energy is destructive, wild, nurturing, intuitive, generous, creative, and caring. The earth and water elements are considered feminine. 

The sun and the moon work in tandem, balancing the masculine and feminine energies in the world. 

The moon also works with the ocean, and the Earth is made up of 75% water. It is no wonder that people with sickle cell also have to drink a lot of water.  

In many traditional mythological stories, the moon is a significant source of power. Even in today’s fantasy tales, everything happens on the full moon. Werewolves and vampires find their powers are hard to control, and they can get the best of them. Even in hospitals, many nurses say more admissions happen on the full moon. 

We can see the power of the moon, but you may be wondering if a full moon influence a sickle cell crisis? Should warriors do anything specific at this time, as opposed to any other point in the lunar cycle?  Whenever there’s a full moon, it’s a good idea to drink lots of water. 

The Dual Symbolism of the Sickle 

The sickle is a powerful, yet seemingly contradictory symbol. As a sign of the harvest, the sickle provides sustenance. It’s also wielded by the grim reaper, the harbinger of death.

While death may scare some people, many aspects are transformative, for energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred. And the harvest is similarly transformative, removing crops from the field so they can go on to serve their next purpose.

The sickle cell gene is connected to the earth through a strong bond with mother nature. Mother nature is transformative—nothing is static. Even rocks erode away. 

The Origin of Sickle Cell Disease

One story says that the Earth could feel the vibration of people dying of malaria, and so Earth asked The Creator for help, creating a vibrational shift throughout the planet. This mutation saved tribes from malaria; however, it also created a life-threatening illness. 

On the scientific side of the story, it was initially believed that sickle cell could be traced back to one family in Africa. However, researchers have since discovered that it appeared in different geographical locations at different times. 

Sickle cell has a certain kind of genius that brings with it a specific kind of insight. Warriors see death at their door with each crisis. The grim reaper knocks, and it feels like your body is only half alive. 

Dreams become vivid, and medication can enhance that effect. There’s a battle within each warrior: life and death run through the veins, seeking rebirth. This vibrational frequency in the earth realm can be challenging because of a lack of oxygen. 

SCD and the Natural World

Sickle warriors must eat foods that carry oxygen, like leafy greens. It’s also critical to engage in nature therapy, walking barefoot on the earth in the forest. What is in nature is also inside us; just because we have a mutation does not mean we are not divine and a part of this Earth.  

During the pandemic, as we all watched COVID-19 spread throughout our communities, it seemed like mother nature was in a sickle cell crisis. Many people died rapidly, others became disabled, and all of us were in a constant state of grief. It was like hell took over: chaos and darkness.

Learning about different aspects of sickle cell, I also found myself thinking deeply about climate change. Have you ever gone into a sickle cell crisis during a seasonal weather shift? As the seasons change, it triggers symptoms. As we see more extreme weather events and more intense seasonal shifts, we may see a change in the nature of sickle cell disease as well.

Every year, 15 billion trees are cut down, and only a third of them are replaced. When it’s hard for mother nature to breathe, humans also lose energy, for we are a part of this planet and not foreign to it.

Imagine the impact: hot one minute, cold the next; the unbalanced climate change brings your body into crisis. This all means that climate change can enhance the sickle cell collective. 

Sickle cell intelligently reflects our relation to nature. Could it be that people with sickle cell disease have superpowers, playing both the hero and villain in the same vessel? 

Mother nature can cause a mutation, and she also provides us with the elements we need to heal. We may go through pain, struggles, and challenges, but in those times, it’s important to remember that the power to heal ourselves lies within us. 

You’re a Warrior: Keep up the Fight

When you’re knocked down, remember that it’s all part of the journey. You come from a power source—a bloodline of warriors. You have supercells, and you have the power to fight!

To all my sickle cell warriors: remember how powerful and intelligent you are. If you encounter any petty arrogance or ignorance on your journey, just remind those who don’t understand about the genius within your genetics. 

What theories about sickle cell disease or genetic mutations have you thought about? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments.


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